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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Who will eat the banks’ lunch?

Interesting to read this week that Tesco Personal Finance reported a near doubling of the amount of money deposited with them during the past six months. Tesco Personal Finance said more accounts were opened with them during December alone than in the whole of 2007, boosting their saver numbers up to around 500,000.They credited the strong flow of funds during the month to a particular savings account which was offered for a limited time and attracted "tens of thousands of savers". Tesco already offers savings products, loans and insurance and have plans to offer a full banking service, including current accounts and mortgages. Surveys had previously shown that consumers trusted supermarkets more than they trusted banks, even before the current financial crisis. 500,000 accounts may seem small fry, but with the chance to offer a retail experience very different to the banks and a brand synonymous with value for money, watch this space!

Jo Parker

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