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Friday, 6 March 2009

How will we fund our retirement now?

The EU has announced today that compulsory retirement at 65 is NOT unlawful. This could turn into a UK law that is both short sighted and out of touch. Given that people’s pensions are insufficient (or even non-existent), the cost of living keeps on rising, and we’re living longer, why should those that are healthy and happy to work beyond the age of 65 not be able to do so? The Government’s continued and sensible policy of self-funding our retirement is fine. But it’s far too late for people in their 60s to make a significant difference to the return on their investments and secure themselves a prosperous retirement.

Either people are given the guarantee of a financially secure retirement (not going to happen any time soon), or they are allowed to continue to earn a wage if they choose to do so. Please don’t completely lose sight of the short term picture, and please help people to help themselves.

Montse Tojeiro

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