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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Has Trust Gone Bust?

Opinion Leader Research are hosting a debate tomorrow night with this title and in advance I was mulling this over and the age old debate about trust (or lack of it) in financial services. You know how it goes. "How can we rebuild trust after the Equitable debacle, endowment shortfalls, dropping pension values, state run banks and large bonuses..?"

Well the answer is clear, we can't. Trust has gone bust, but not just in financial services. That's because in society we don't trust like we used to. We question governments, businesses, Drs - we check out what we are told on the internet and we make our own decisions. The only person we really, truly, trust these days is ourselves.

So, let's stop this debate once and for all. The question we really need to focus on is “How do we engage better with the Recommendation Generation?"

Jo Parker

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