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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

So, what next?

In February last year I met with an IFA to discuss my financial situation. I had a lump sum I wanted to invest and wanted some professional advice. During the course of his visit he stated:

1) That he expected the FTSE to close the year at 7,200 pts.
2) That property was still showing significant signs of growth with no real evidence that it was about to drop.

Now luckily, through sheer inertia I didn't take up any of his advice and stuck the lot across two high interest savings accounts while I figured out what next?

What next was I sat down 13 months later - last night to be precise - to decide what to do with the money that's now languishing accruing 4 pts less interest than when I opened the accounts a year ago. My wife and I spent 2 hours discussing our next move - we decided agaist an IFA - we decided against taking advice from my brother-in-law (a wealth manager) - we decided against buying property, because who knows.

We ended up deciding to go to the Caribbean at Christmas, frankly there appear to be so few options out there at the moment you might as well spend it, it's devaluing anyway. Any better options will be considered and probably disregarded.

Crispin Heath
Head of Digital

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