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Tuesday, 21 August 2007

IAB set's up standards for Search marketing


It's good to see the Internet Advertising Bureau flexing it's muscles and starting to get involved in the world of search marketing.

Teaming up with the DMA they have established a charter for search marketing companies to adhere to.

Given that the world of FS is one of the biggest investors in cost per click advertising this is only good news. Despite a ban on buying trademarked names it's still possible to set up a campaign and target your ads to your competitors brand names. In the hyper competitive and price sensitive world of general insurance this can be very detrimental to any client's activity.

The charter is aimed directly at search companies themselves. The interesting point to note is that the companies, to comply, must be certified by either Google or Microsoft (with others to follow). Makes me wonder what the hold up is with Yahoo?

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