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Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Capita Enabler

It was good to see Capita offer a useful package to advisers with the launch of the Capita Enabler - allowing an adviser to develop and maintain their own website. You can see the full story here on IFA Online.

For any business the creation of their first web site can be a step into the unknown. Combine this with a lack of internal resource to maintain content (out of date content is a killer in terms of brand image) and you can see the logic in Capita's move. If this solves the issue of designing, building, hosting and updating content on a basic site then it's a good move all round.

The only negative may be that the adviser is tied to Capita's systems should they wish to upgrade their site or take full ownership - this kind of stuff is rarely discussed in the short term but is worth considering in the long term.

Who owns the content on your site?

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