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Thursday, 8 November 2007

Innocent sets a great example


I've often used Innocent Smoothies as a great example of a viral/word of mouth activity with its 'woolly hats' activity. In the past they have asked customers to design woolly hats which could sit on the top of their bottles as we approach winter (to keep them warm I suppose).

They've repeated the exercise and linked with Sainsbury's and Age Concern and asked various celeb's to design their own hats. Now clearly DJ JK (?), Russell Brand and Fearne Cotton haven't got out their knitting needles but that will not bother most people. Each purchase creates a 50p donation to Age Concern and that must be a good thing.

Where Innocent have been clever is in their use of social networks. They have a flickr group and a facebook group on top of creating specific pages on their own site. Now there are only 86 members of the flickr group at the time of this post but this will certainly grow with the current wave of publicity. Despite being a digi boy through and through I know that offline PR still remains one of the best ways of driving online traffic and the people at Innocent are hardly publicity shy.

Just a shame it's going to force me to go to a supermarket.

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