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Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Feeling sentimental? Not if you are a first time buyer


It would appear, according to the latest research by Abbey, that first time buyers are becoming more desperate to the point that they are prepared to sell family heirlooms:

According to the report first time buyers are:

  1. Prepared to move to a cheaper area, sell their possessions and even take on three jobs in order to afford a home, a survey showed yesterday.
  2. One in four trying to get on the property ladder said they were considering relocating to a cheaper part of the UK, while 16 per cent would move to a country where houses are less expensive.
  3. The number who would be prepared to sell items of sentimental value has doubled from 10 per cent five years ago to 20 per cent now
Looks like the demographics of the Antiques Roadshow are about to change quite dramatically.

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