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Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Hey buddy can you spare me 25 million records?


Couldn’t let the day go past with out commenting on the revenues decision to lose my full name, bank details, date of birth and all that gloriously important data that they and the rest of the FS industry have been telling more years is the key to identity theft.

Well in light of yesterdays announcement from the Chancellor on behalf of the HMRC I’d like to say “I want my money back for the shredder I bought and the hours of time I’ve spent hunched over the thing ensuring that my details don’t get beyond my front door”.

Also I think the latest headlines from the Government about being vigilant is rubbing salt into the wound, I wouldn’t need to if they did their job, why should I bother!

No doubt as I write this someone somewhere in a darkened underground Car park is saying to a contact in the Russian mafia, Psst want some records and I don’t mean LP’s!

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