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Thursday, 22 November 2007

How not to use Facebook


The rush to exploit the new commercial opportunities provided by Facebook has already claimed its first victim, Alicia keys.

Futurescape, who from their site really do seem to be immersed in this stuff, have produced a Facebook application to promote Alicia Keys new album, As I am. I've no problem with that, we are all testing the water but it's the manner of the application I query.

The app (see how the jargon creeps in), in the words of Futurescape, 'is the first ever artist-endorsed, socially powered self-help tool, which lets people share advice.' Now there's probably a really, really good reason for that - what in the wide wide world of sport does Alicia Keys know about self help?

Sorry but this is such a poor connection that it makes me weep.

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