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Tuesday, 9 October 2007

FSF Event


I have been invited back again to the Financial Services Forum to talk at an event on the regulatory environment for digital marketing on the 30th October.

Treating Customers Fairly springs instantly to mind. How to manage the digital conversation with a customer to ensure you have taken account on their individual circumstances? How do you apply these guidelines to devices such as mobile where you are limited to 160 characters in your SMS communications? Equally what responsibility do the search engines have now that they decide how relevant your cost per click ad is to a user (on top of how much you have paid for the ad). Permission to communicate and the manner of the collection of that permission seem to be the key.

Email can be lovely and personal but only if you have the data to make it so - if you do not does this mean you really have to offer the blandest, lowest value content? Hardly compelling reading.

I'm also keen to look at blogging at how that might constitute 'advice' if not carefully crafted but then a fully compliance checked blog is going to be very dry - Steve Bee does it so well there is a way. Forums etc are not far removed from blogs in this respect. Moderation is vital.

As for social networking and Second Life etc etc that really is the wild west of digital marketing and one that will be hard to police. There you go - initial thoughts on what should be an interesting event if the last one was anything to go by.

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