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Tuesday, 30 October 2007

BT credit card


Permission is a funny thing. It takes a great deal of effort to obtain and one careless communication to lose.

Today I received an email from BT inviting me to apply for their credit card (so much for the credit crunch we are all meant to be experiencing). As a BT internet customer they do have the right to email me although I am just about to unsubscribe to all their emails.

Why? I am getting, on average, an email a day from them and the various divisions of BT. I've been offered deals on extending my contract, deals on BT Vision, tips on how to use BT Wireless, how to be more green (sign up for more emails instead of paper), discover how to download music with BT and save all my files securely via BT Vault.

The trouble with email is that it feels a low intrusion way of communicating - after all I signed up didn't I?

The reality is permission does not last forever and it cannot be impossible for BT to look at the volume of emails it is sending out and realise they are saturating my in box.

It's a shame really - there probably is a BT service I might find of use but it will not be via email anymore.

PS BT don't think I don't know you own as well!

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