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Thursday, 19 July 2007

A funny thing happenend on the forum


We often monitor a range of web sites to see what people are saying about financial issues. One of those sites is thisislondon the web site of the Evening Standard.

It's always had quite active forums and seems to attract posts from a wide range of users. People tend to be very open and honest in forum postings - more so than say in the letters pages.

One of the most recent stories related to increased mortgage rates combining with increased fuel prices all indicating soaring inflation.

The posts on the subject ranged from 'why is there no tax deduction on mortgage payments', 'anyone with a mortgage who hasn't factored in interest rate rises is a fool', 'this is good news for homeowners as their savings attract better rates' to 'if you can't afford your repayments ditch your sky subscription'.

Forums are often ignored as a source of insight into your customers thinking. A few hours a week can throw up some priceless insight.

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