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Friday, 13 July 2007

Digital Double-take

Jo Parker

The thing I love about the digital world is that it really does throw the status quo up in the air.

It really challenges our preconceptions about what we know or at least think we know about people.

Take the fact that a recent survey by shows that young women (18-34) are now the most dominant group online in the UK. Not nerdy teenage boys locked in their bedrooms. Indeed that there are 1.7 times more over 50 year olds than children under 18 active on the internet.

Which is why I loved the story in today’s paper, that to avoid getting hoards of middle-class, middle-aged rockers at Glastonbury next year, the organisers will be offering tickets by telephone to make sure the Radio 1 younger, hip crowd are there instead, rather than relying on the web!

It’s an important sense check for all of us planning communications, we must really look at the stats rather than rely on our pre-conceptions. Cos chances are they are wrong!

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