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Friday, 20 February 2009

40 years to retirement

As a young man, I like to think that the fact I have been making a contribution to my pension from the moment I was able is a savvy move. When I started I ticked the “high-risk” box for my investments, which, considering I have at least 40 years ahead of me before I can retire, was a savvy move. This was, however, in March 2008… and I cant help but wonder where my pension might be now (I am waiting for my latest password to come through so that I can evaluate the performance). While waiting for access, I cant help but wonder, just how “high-risk” my pot is…. I imagine now, in light of all that has happened it is actually relatively low-risk (as everything is). But for someone with at least 40 years of investment ahead of them, should I be taking my pot into my own hands and begin to look at heavier equity investment? After all, equities are bound to recover in the next 40 years… which means I have plenty of time to switch my investments to safer options at a later date.

The question is, while an opportunity it may be, is such a volatile economic climate the appropriate stage for my first foray into investment management? I will keep you posted (so be sure to check back when I retire!)

Nick Tuckwood
Project Manager

1 comment:

peter said...

Master Tuckwood a fine grip on the financial issues facing your generation. Only now do I feel goof at being 20 years from retirement.