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Thursday, 3 January 2008

New Year resolutions?


Happy New Year to you all.

So courtesy of Network Rail I'm using the information superhighway to write our first blog of 2008 from home - a not unexpected situation given the almost universal pairing of the words 'engineering works' and 'overrunning'.

Like many people I've used a variety of the social network sites to catch up with what all my friends and family have been up to over New Year - Facebook and Flickr seeming to cover about 90% of the people I know. What has been interesting to note is the transition of people emailing me to people sending me a Flickr mail or a Facebook message - this time last year it would have been a big fat zero.

I'm just waiting on the usual report to tell us how many people helped boost the share price of mobile operators by sending a happy New Year text - typically many millions of us but I am wondering if they will now start reporting on the number of MMS messages sent as well?

Finally, for this post. it's lovely to see that Facebook is going into full commercial mode now with a variety of sponsorships and ad placements - it's going to be very interesting to see if they can resist the 'just one extra ad unit on the page would increase ad dollars by x%' call. Today's featured ad unit is for IVA's - with no mention of the brand behind this but it's the Debt Clinic - never heard of them? Neither have I plus their site fails to tell you a single thing about their organisation, that takes some doing.

Welcome to 2008, has anything changed?

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