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Thursday, 27 September 2007

A is for insurance


Whatever happened to, the AAAAAA insurance Company? A thought popped into my head this morning so as usual it is going to be shared.

In the days when the directory was king and by far the most cost-efficient way of doing direct response [Oh and for you young ‘uns our there I’m talking telephone directory not net directory]

Companies were often named so that they came top of the list so it wasn’t unheard of to see not just, aardvark insurance, but the more impressive AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhh! Insurance Inc. and so on.

Today in a world of naturalised search, all you need is a word density of about 7% and content to match a relevancy algorithm to ensure you come top of the list, how wonderful is that.

So goodbye to such naming conventions as they are slipped quietly into the dustbin of corporate history or the note books of branding anoraks.

The recent history of naming has been all about the proposition or naming your USP all of which were founded in descriptive techniques you now the kind of thing British Airways, then came the naming of the outcome or customer experience, all good emotive stuff like…Yahoo.

But now as the web is driving nomenclature everyone is searching for not just a name but seemingly a single word, that has the equivalent of the web ‘X’ factor, an unused .com domain a recent example being Eefoof , no I kid you not!

But me, if I had a choice between an unused domain with a descriptive name in it or a great sounding company name that had a less than perfect domain I'd take the later every time.

For me the Eefoof of today will become the AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhh! Insurance Inc. of tomorrow.

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